1. Qualification Certificate & Degree Certificate 07/24/2013

    In China, qualifications and degrees are two separate types of credentials represented by separate documents – Qualification Certificate and Degree Certificate respectively. Qualification, also named as diploma or graduation certificate, is a state-recognition of the holder’s education experience.
  2. My eQuals 06/27/2017

    My eQuals is the official platform for Australian and New Zealand Universities to issue digital versions of certificates, transcripts and other academic documents. My eQuals works with CHESICC to allow Universities in Australia and New Zealand to receive academic qualifications from Chinese applicants in a secure digital format
  3. CHESICC Presented at the Launch of My eQuals 05/02/2017

    A delegation of CHESICC attended the 2017 Groningen Declaration Network Annual Meeting in Melbourne, Australia from 26 to 28 April under the theme Extending Engagement.
  4. Warning 02/20/2017

    Recently, CHSI found that some individuals illegally use CHSI Help Desk (info@chsi.com.cn) to send emails with subject of “高薪工作升职提拔晋升快速全搞定” and disseminate false information about “issuing qualification and degree certificates”.
  5. South African Education Delegation’s Visit to CHESICC 06/29/2016

    Mr. Ghaleeb Jeppie, Chief Director for International Relations of the Department of Higher Education and Training of South Africa, accompanied by delegates from South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA), Engineering Council of South Africa, and Embassy of South Africa in China, paid a visit to CHESICC on 27 June. Dr. Lei Chaozi, Director-General of CHESICC, and Mr. Ning Xiaohua, Deputy Director-General warmly welcome the South African education delegation.
  6. Digitary 05/03/2016

    Established in 1999, Digitary enables Higher Education Institutions to certify, deliver, and authenticate academic credentials online in a secure digital format that fully respects data protection principles for both institutions and for the individual. Academic achievement records such as transcripts, European Diploma Supplements, HEARs, and Degree Certificates are all supported.
  7. ECE 05/03/2016

    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. ECE?, a charter member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, is a non-profit public service organization with thirty-five years of experience of evaluating educational qualifications gained outside of the United States.
  8. DUO 05/03/2016

    DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) is the Dutch government’s executive agency for education. DUO finances and informs participants in education and educational institutions, and organizes exams.
  9. Parchment 05/03/2016

    Parchment Inc. is a trusted company which collects and disseminates credentials of learners to educators, associations and employers by securely sending and receiving education credentials online in simple and insightful ways. The Parchment platform has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities to exchange more than 12 million transcripts and other credentials globally.
  10. CHESICC Presented on CACIE 2014 10/29/2014

    CHESICC participated in International Forum on Service for Self-funded Study Abroad on CACIE 2014 and made a presentation about “electronic service for China credentials verification” on Oct. 25th in Beijing.
  11. CHESICC Participated in the 26th Annual EAIE Conference 10/10/2014

    A delegation of CHESICC attended the 26th Annual EAIE Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, September 16-19, 2014.
  12. CHESICC Presented on 2014 CollegeNET User Conference 07/29/2014

    A delegation of CHESICC, headed by Cheng Weixing, Director in Information Division, participated in the 2014 CollegeNET User Conference from July20 to 21, 2014 in Portland, Oregon, USA. During the conference, Cheng gave a presentation in a China-themed session.
  13. AACRAO IES 05/28/2014

    AACRAO International Education Services (IES) provides evaluations of academic credentials from all countries of the world. Its extensive network enables it to accurately research any educational credential and produce in-depth reports.
  14. MOE: "It is NOT True to Abolish Qualification Verification" 05/14/2014

    China’s Ministry of Education (MOE) made a STATEMENT on its website on May 14th, about the importance and authoritativeness of qualification verification from CHESICC.
  15. Wide Usage of Educational Qualification in China 05/06/2014

    China is implementing dual-credential system of educational qualification and degree.
  16. CHESICC Delegation Participated in Groningen Declaration 3rd Annual Meeting 04/21/2014

    A delegation of CHESICC, headed by Mr. Ning Xiaohua, Deputy Director-General, participated in the Groningen Declaration Third Annual Meeting from April 7 to 9, 2014 in Washington D.C. USA.
  17. CHESICC Exhibited on the AACRAO's 100th Annual Meeting 04/17/2014

    Four representatives of CHESICC exhibited on AACRAO’s 100th annual meeting in Denver, U.S. from March 30 to April 2, 2014.
  18. National Student Clearinghouse 04/09/2014

    The National Student Clearinghouse (a nonprofit formed in 1993) is the trusted source for and leading provider of higher education verifications and electronic education record exchanges, handling more than 700 million verification requests and 250 million education record exchanges annually.
  19. CollegeNET 04/09/2014

    CollegeNET, Inc. is a leading developer of web-based systems for higher education and nonprofit organizations, serving more than 1300 clients worldwide. The company helps improve efficiencies, reduce paper consumption and cut costs by providing advanced tools for managing resources, streamlining information, and better serving students and applicants.
  20. China College Student Satisfaction Survey 12/27/2013

    Starting from October 2011, CHESICC began to carry out China College Student Satisfaction Survey to investigate students’ overall satisfaction, campus environment, campus life, educational quality, campus setting, and employment satisfaction, etc.
  21. Digitalization of China Higher Education Student Information 12/27/2013

    Digitalization of China higher education student information started in the early 1990s. With the rapid popularization of PC, universities developed student information management software, but only for off-line system. In the late 90s, with the development of internet, networking of applied system became a trend. E.g. MOE made an experimental online college admission test in Tianjin in 1999, and then expanded to nationwide.
  22. Qualifications and Degrees: Understanding the Chinese Dual-Credential System 12/02/2013

    Qualifications and Degrees: A Simplified Outline
  23. How Qualification Registration Conducted 11/21/2013

    In China higher education qualification certificate (including Zhuanke, undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels) registration, there is a whole-process dynamic management, beginning with admission records, going with freshmen student record registration, then with in-school student annual registration, and finally leading to qualification registration, in which each step should be based on the prior one.
  24. Gaokao Scores for Admission to Spanish Universities 11/03/2013

    China Education Expo 2013 opens in Beijing yesterday. As the guest country of honor, Spain has long been inferior to other European countries, such as UK, France and Germany, in appealing to international students.
  25. Student Record and Qualification Verification in China 08/15/2013

    In China, there are 40 million records for students in school, and all higher education institutions register students on CHESICC’s platform. Study record and qualification verification are provided in different forms, including personal review, individual verification, member verification, batch verification, and web service or XML.
  26. 56,000 Qualification Certificates Verified Last Year 08/14/2013

    Institutes under Ministry of Education of China have verified over 56,000 Higher-education Qualification Certificates in 2012, in which fake certificates were 3%.
  27. Introduction to Chinese Graduate Student Entrance System 07/19/2013

    Chinese Graduate Student Entrance Examination is a unified concept of some examinations organized by education departments or admissions institutions to select graduate students, which is the necessary examination for being a graduate in China (except a small number of exam-free recommendation students), just like taking the College Entrance Examination to enter a university.
  28. CHESICC Delegation participated in the AACRAO's 99th Annual Meeting 05/21/2013

    AACRAO 99th Annual Meeting was held in April 14-17, San Francisco. There were experts of more than 2,400 high schools and related institutions from 36 countries taking part in this annual meeting. China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) was invited. The list of staff going for this visit includes: ManKaijie(Director of verification Department of CHESICC) and ChengWeixing (Director of imformation Department of CHESICC)
  29. Digitized Storage of Student Information Has Become a World Trend 04/27/2013

    How to apply for universities easily? How to identify true or false qualifications? How to define the authenticity of overseas qualifications obtained by students? These headaches, for students, colleges and enterprises, are expected to be solved by cooperation and communication through global digital student data depositories. Digitized storage of student information has become a world trend.
  30. Official Launch: English Version of Online Verification System of HEQC 11/07/2012

    The ten-year anniversary of CHSI website and official unveiling ceremony of English version of Online Verification System of HEQC was held in Beijing on October 29th. Du Yubo, deputy minister of Education and Lin Huiqing, minister assistant of Education attended the event and unveiled the English website.
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